Typically an Area Structure Plan (ASP) involves limited public input in the early stages. ASPs are completed by consultants or the City and submitted to the City Administration for review. Notices advising area landowners of the application are generally sent out by the City when the application is accepted. The process for the Horse Hill ASP was much broader and more inclusive. It was open and collaborative, with an extensive level of public involvement and consultation in early stages and throughout the planning process.

Landowners and other stakeholders participated in the Horse Hill ASP through the Stakeholder Advisory Group. Broader community consultation followed through open houses. The ASP was then submitted to the City for review with supporting technical studies. Once City departments and utility agencies were satisfied with the ASP, City Administration submitted a report of support to City Council for consideration. Council approved the ASP as a bylaw in February 2013, which allows the next phase of panning to begin, including the creation of Neighbourhood Structure Plans, or NSPs.

Flowchart: Standard ASP process vs NE ASP Process