Community and public consultation are an important part of any development planning process. Consultation ensures that a wide and diverse number of viewpoints are considered when deciding how and when land will be developed. In March 2011, a public open house was held to begin the Horse Hill ASP process (over 1000 notices were mailed out). This well-attended open house provided information on the preparation of an ASP, existing land uses, opportunities and constraints in the area. The open house also provided a forum for gathering feedback and for attendees to become involved in the Stakeholder Advisory Group.

The City approved the Stakeholder Advisory Group’s membership and Terms of Reference in June 2011. The Group is chaired by a senior representative from the City of Edmonton’s Sustainable Development Department and includes property owners and residents, as well as representatives from the following stakeholder organizations:

Advice and technical expertise is provided to the Stakeholder Advisory Group from a number of individuals and organizations, including: